About Us

Find who stays behind that project and what's our target


We are a small team of people who are doing that website on our own. We want to share the best infographics on the web with a lot of people and show them a great way of presenting a data for a specific problem or subject.

My name is Ross Ivanov. I’m the founder of InfoGrapho.com and the whole idea started when I was sitting and watching a few cool infographics. Suddenly I realized that people need that, because they don’t have enough time to read huge articles every day.

So I decided to build a website with a few friends and call it Infographo. My initial idea for that project was to build a great community of people who are spreading infographics all over the web and show them to more people.

If you want to join us, you can write us an email through the contact form. We are always looking for nice people who can help us to make that project bigger and show more and more information to the crowd!